Full Moon Charm

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The Full Moon is the most powerful moon phase. It is when the Moon is seen in all its glorious fullness which is a time of enlightenment and heightened psychic awareness. Everything comes together...ideas, commitment to one another or ones self, and bright new beginnings. It is also the perfect time to have friends and family for a spell and break bread. 

Measuring at approximately 3 inches wide, this Full Moon inspired Charm was hand-crafted following the Rule of 3s using natural materials. A miniature glass jar is weaved in jute, filled with Black Salt made up of both Dead Sea Salt and Charcoal which is sealed with white candle wax, a cork and bound with a red string. Tying a red string is considered a symbol of good luck and protection in folklore across the world. Very clarifying and protective!

These Charms are hung on the door or over doorways to protect the home from negative intents and energies. In folk magic, the ringing of bells drives away negativity and are widely used for protection in many different ways. They have been attached to doors, clothing, worn as amulets, tied to children, and hung from the necks of livestock that are important to a community.

***Curio Disclaimer***As always, this item is sold as a Curio. As per some policies on metaphysical items, I can not guarantee any experience or outcome. However, please feel free to message me for more information/questions/special requests.

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