Crescent Bell Charm

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The crescent moon has been a symbol of the divine feminine for centuries. Many cultures around the world, including Eastern and Western traditions, have honored the moon as a powerful deity that governs both life and death.

This Bell Charm is approximately 6 inches wide and was hand-crafted following the Rule of 3s using natural materials, brass bells, a brass key and a red string. 

Tying a red string is considered a symbol of good luck and protection in folklore across the world. 

Keys are considered symbols of good luck in folklore across the world. I have specifically used one for this charm because keys also symbolize the opening and closing of powers or in this case, the opening of good powers and the closing of bad ones.

This Charm is hung on the door or over doorways to protect the home from negative intents and energies.

In folk magic, the ringing of the bells drives away negativity and are widely used for protection in many different ways. They have been attached to doors, clothing, worn as amulets, tied to children, and hung from the necks of livestock that are important to a community.


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